Liège has always been one of the most important cities in Wallonia and Belgium. Set on the river Meuse Liège has been an industrial and commercial hub for centuries attracting people from all over Europe to settle down here. With historic ties such as being the birthplace of Emperor Charlemagne there is evidence of Liège's history throughout the city including iconic landmarks such as Prince-Bishops' Palace and the Church of Saint Bartholomew.

Well known as a shopping destination and for its excellent choice of dining, Liège is a cosmopolitan city that is steeped in history and culture.

Historic Liège City Centre

Centred around the Place St Lambert, the city is home to breath-taking architecture and stunning Château's. The Palace of the Prince-Bishops is considered to be the heart of the city. Successive generations of cathedrals have stood on the site, the outline of the Gothic Cathedral of Notre Dame and Saint Lambert which was torn down in the 19th century during the revolution of Liège is outlined on the ground.There is an underground archaeological site, the archéoforum, containing the remains of 3 generations of cathedrals, themselves built upon the Roman settlement.

All around the Place St. Lambert you will find cafes and restaurants, perfect for a spot of lunch.


The Outremeuse district (meaning "beyond the River Meuse") on the Right Bank has a unique, slightly bohemian atmosphere. Home to many museums including the Convent "des Récollets" and Grétry Museum. We highly recommend the Museum of Tchantchès which is dedicated to the city mascot who also happens to be the main character in the local marionette theatres. Each August 15th the Feast of the Assumption is celebrated in the Outremeuse by the cities residents and countless visitors.

Opéra Royal de Wallonie

Recently refurbished and restored, Opéra Royal de Wallonie is home to the world-famous Philharmonic Orchestra which regularly returns to the city for spectacular concerts.

F1 Grand Prix

In Formula 1 circles the Grand Prix of Belgium is a highlight of the calendar. For more than 50 years, giants of the F1 circuit have disputed the leadership of the course's tortuous circuit each August. Reckoned by many as the most beautiful racing circuit in the world, the Belgian Formula 1 Grand Prix is a race that is always charged with intense thrills and excitement. Contested over three days, the practice and qualifying stages take place on the first two days and the final race on the afternoon of the third day.

Musée de la Boverie

This is one of Liège's finest amenities and most beautiful of parks. The Louvre and the La Boverie are involved in a partnership that provides consultancy to the arts. This can be seen throughout the museums amazing collections, architecture and exhibitions.