Being in a new place can be very confusing. You have a lot of new things to get used to- the public transport system, navigating your way around and finding out what to visit on your travels to Liege. The language may even cause you some trouble if you’re not a local. You’ll likely have your smartphone to hand throughout your trip so why not download some handy travel apps to help you along the way!

Public transport

Lets start with a functional app, to help you travel Liege, and the rest of Belgium with ease. Our buses are provided by a company called Tec, and by downloading the app, not only can you navigate the city and find your nearest bus stop but you can buy tickets and plan future journeys you may need to take. This doesn’t just work for the bus, the app also helps you quickly find the best tram, metro and train routes, all in real time so you won’t be left waiting. They offer an easy to follow, step-by-step guide to getting around so you can’t get lost!


Liege’ is the official application of the city of Liege and is a great all in one solution to help you plan your trip. You can download the app before you arrive and make a detailed plan of how you will get around, what there is to see and what events will be taking place while you’re there. The most useful feature of this app has to be the restaurant guide. You can search by food type, area and budget and even gives you some reviews about the restaurant, saving you time and money.

Offline map

We know travelling can be an expensive pastime and you want to keep costs down wherever possible. The last thing you need is for an expensive mobile data bill to be waiting when you get home! Sure, you could go old-school and get a map but it’s so much easier having an interactive offline map on your phone to help. Keep your roaming switched off but enjoy the benefits of interactive mapping and a virtual tour guide while you walk.

Walks through Liege

If you don’t fancy the bus and want to explore the nooks and crannies of the city by foot, the ‘walks through Liege’ app will be your best friend. This handy interface maps a personalised route through the city, depending exactly what you want to see or do while you’re here. You can explore the hills & valleys, the historical and commercial centres and the scenic paths along the Meuse River, all by yourself without paying for an expensive tour guide. The app doesn’t just get you there it gives you a brief history of the area you’re standing in, so you can learn while you walk.

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